Our Trustees

The Trustees are another group of volunteers who collectively manage the Memo, they have final decision making powers on important matters. In the 1900’s the original trustees were the people who raised the original funds to build and own the Memo.  

Trustee News
Announcement from the Trustees of Newbridge Memo 22.03.2016
The Trustees of Newbridge Memo would like to announce that from 17th March 2016, the new Chair of the Trustees will be Mrs Barbara Bevan.   
We would like to congratulate Barbara on her appointment as Chair and would also like to take this opportunity to  pay tribute to our former Chair, Mr Howard Stone,  who has been the figurehead of Newbridge Memo for the past 13 years.
It is fair to say that without Howard’s vision, determination, and commitment to the project, Newbridge Memo would not be the shining jewel in our community that it has once again become.
From the original battle to prevent the possible demolition of the crumbling buildings; through the excitement of BBC Restoration and the disappointment of being pipped at the post; and all the hiccups and obstacles encountered along the way, Howard has lead the project forward and we will be eternally grateful to him for this.
We would also like to express our thanks to Jen for her hard work and invaluable support throughout.
The Trustees, Directors, Staff, and Volunteers look forward to continuing to work to the long term success of The Memo.