Newbridge Memo and Fundraising

Newbridge Memo and Fundraising

Did you know that Newbridge Memo is part of the registered charity named Celynen Colleries Institute & Memorial Hall?

In 2011, the trustees of Celynen Colleries set up Newbridge Memo to take care of the day to day running of its facilities and events so that a multitude of opportunities would be made available to the local community. Every single penny that is raised by Newbridge Memo goes directly back into maintaining the building and towards fueling further opportunities for everyone to enjoy.

In order to keep the doors open to our beautifully restored Institute & Memorial Hall, we need to actively fundraise continuously and that requires help & support from our local community.. see below for ways that you can get involved in keeping your community hub thriving!

Get in touch with us on if you would like further information on any of the opportunities below.


Help our cause by donating directly to our charity. Receive rewards for your donations as a token of thanks from us. See our TotalGiving page for more information here.


We aim to run as many events that are affordable for our local community as possible. Part of putting on quality events that are low cost to attend means that we need to subsidise the cost of running these events. We welcome sponsorship by individuals or local companies that may be interested in either collaborating with us on running a particular event or promoting your company by having prominence on promotional material, including at the event(s) itself.. it's a great way of engaging in corporate responsibility with the dual benefit of making our guests aware of your companies product or service!

Fundraising events

Although all of our activity revolves around generating funds to keep our building open, from time to time, we will be running fundraising specific events. We will keep your updated on what events these are by posting links to them below. If you would like to get involved with any of these then please get in touch, we would love to get you on board!


Every year, we aim to produce 3-4 brochures containing all of the upcoming events as well as the latest news and facts surrounding Newbridge Memo. We have spaces available in our brochure for you to advertise your business or organisation. Each of our brochures get an outreach of over 15,000 readers between hard copies and digital views. Many of our customers look for services in the local area so you can count on great benefits from featuring in one of our brochures. Get in touch with us here if you're interested.

Theatre name

We are currently seeking a sponsor to name our theatre! For one full year, you may be able to have our stunning art deco 1920s theatre named after yourself.. your company or anything that is special to you. The attributed name will appear on all promotional material, including tickets for events, our website, social media and any other related material. There may be other rooms available for naming at various times - please get in touch to find out.


We have set up an online shop that contains a vast range of merchandise available to purchase - each sale helps support our future activities. So, take a look and see what we have - some great ideas for gifts!

Find our shop here

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