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In the 19th century coal mining came to Newbridge, before then Newbridge had been a farming hamlet. The coal industry brought with it huge social and economic changes, not just to Newbridge but across the whole of south Wales, with many villages and towns coming into existence solely because of coal mining. Newbridge had two mines nearby in operation, Celynen North Colliery and South Celynen Colliery. The South Colliery was opened in 1876 and the North Colliery opened up between 1913 and 1924. Both mines had closed by September 1985. 

Celynen North 1985

                                                                    Celynen North Colliery 1985


  Celynen South 1985

                                                                   South Celynen Colliery 1985

At its peak between 1910 and 1921, the mining industry in south Wales employed over 250 thousand men and produced over 50 million tons of coal per year.  Welsh mines attracted workers from the English West Country and West Midlands, Cornwall, Scotland, Mid Wales, Ireland and further afield.  The rise and fall of many local communities in Wales has historically been linked with the work of the mining industry and in this Newbridge was typical.

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