Talks and Tours

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The Newbridge Memo Experience

The ‘Newbridge Memo Experience’ will take visitors around the Memorial Hall starting from within the entrance foyer. The tour will include a spectacular film shown in the auditorium, with interpretation in the projection room and the ballroom with an opportunity to explore the auditorium itself.  It will tell the story of how cinema, theatre and music formed an important part of the Institute and Memorial Hall's history. Bringing you closer to a community and its social and cultural development by exploring the desires, ambition and dreams of the everyday worker in a typical Welsh mining valley. The contrast between the local south Wales communities and the international Hollywood silver screen will become evident.

The tours will reflect the importance of cultural innovation and developments of the 20th century on the lives of ordinary people.  From the horror of the Great War (WWI) through the end of traditional mining communities in the 1980’s and then the reinvention of a self-governing Welsh nation in 1998.  The tour will bring to life the importance of the Institute and Memorial Hall buildings and how they reflected the ambitions of people and the surrounding communities, but also their national and UK significance as remarkable survivals.

We are currently developing a range of talks and tours, please contact us for more information.