RecRock is collaborating with NoNaff Art to run 3 days of workshops in Newbridge Memo, to explore the connections between music and visual art. We are looking to work with young people aged 12-18 years old, who have an interest in music and/or art. No experience is necessary, and it might be that the participants are looking to build their confidence, make friends, be creative and most of all have fun. The project runs between 31st May - 2nd June 2022.

Project leader Dan Fitzgerald says “I love running projects like this, there is such a connection between visual art and music. We all know what the album cover is for our favourite piece of music. We just want to explore and encourage young people to be creative”.

It is hoped young people will work together with a songwriter to create an original piece of music. “The project might be for someone who has found lockdown really tough, and has used the arts as a way to get through. Maybe they’ve been practicing guitar in their bedroom, or they’re a bit shy, this is perfect for anyone to get involved and meet likeminded people”. The project is free to attend, but places are limited and booking is required.

Both RecRock and NoNaff Art are not-for-profit organisations based in Caerphilly, who specialise in building confidence and improve wellbeing of young people.

For more information please contact